ODSP Denied: Navigating the Social Benefits Tribunal

Recorded on July 4, 2024

Assisting clients with Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) medical eligibility appeals can be challenging. Our experts will discuss the appeals process at the Social Benefits Tribunal (SBT). They will:

  • briefly review the ODSP application process
  • explain why clients are often denied
  • provide tips for community workers to best support the appeals process
  • offer inside knowledge to help increase chances of success

Heath Soave (they/them), Paralegal (Income Security) at Neighbourhood Legal Services
Gillian Reiss (she/her), Staff Lawyer and Managing Director at Willowdale Community Legal Services


NOTE: We have provided a handout on important resources and supports from the webinar in this link. We also provide it in PDF form below with the recording and PowerPoint slides.

Highlights of the webinar - skip to the section by clicking below:
Slides 7-8: Applying for ODSP - the application (financial and disability assessment)
Slide 10: Definition of Disability
Slides 11-13: Supporting clients to make strong applications
Slide 14: Common hurdles for approvals + stats
Slides 16-18: Challenging Decisions - connecting to a legal clinic
Slide 19: Internal Reviews and how to appeal a decision about ODSP
Slide 20: Appeal and SBT hearing
Slide 21: Live Q+A - questions from participants
Slides 24-25: Preparing for the Hearing - Key appeal activities
Slide 26: Working with legal clinics
Slide 27: Useful content in a support letter
Slides 28-30: Participating in the Hearing
Slides 32-33: Case study Ramone - Possible ways to support
Live Q+A - questions from participants


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