CLEO legal information

Since 1974, CLEO has developed clear, accurate, and practical legal information to help people understand and exercise their legal rights. We also curate and share legal information produced by other nonprofit organizations.

Steps to Justice has reliable, practical information on common legal problems for people who live in Ontario. The information is also available in French on CLEO's Justice pas-à-pas website. Steps to Justice and Justice pas-à-pas include:

  • step-by-step information to help you or your clients work through legal problems
  • practical tools, such as checklists, fillable forms, and self-help guides
  • referral information for legal and social services across Ontario
  • live chat and email support if you can’t find the answers to your questions

CLEO has free publications on a range of legal topics, including housing, social assistance, employment, and family law. Most are available in English and French, and we have some available in other languages. We revise our publications regularly to reflect changes in the law.

  • Order CLEO pamphlets to share with your clients
  • Search our pamphlets that are available in other languages

Use CLEO's free online Guided Pathways interviews to help fill out family law or housing law forms or create wills or powers of attorney.

CLEO's Your Legal Rights curates and shares legal information resources and webinars from organizations across Ontario, including some topics not yet covered by Steps to Justice or other CLEO content.