Steps to Justice workshops

CLEO hosts a one-hour virtual workshop for community workers on using, a website with information on common legal problems in many areas of the law​. 

Workshop participants will learn how to navigate Steps to Justice to find legal information, working with scenarios tailored to the issues your clients face.  

These customized webinars are available in English.

Why should I learn about Steps to Justice?

Steps to Justice can help you give better support to clients who come to you with legal problems. Our content is written in easy-to-understand language and provides step-by-step information that is practical and legally accurate. The site also directs you to

  • practical tools and resources to help you in your work 
  • sources for legal advice and representation
  • organizations and services that people can turn to for additional help

All Steps to Justice content is also available in French on Justice pas-à-pas.

How can I book a workshop?

If you would like to plan a Steps to Justice workshop for staff at your organization, or to get more information, email Urooj Ameeruddin, Special Projects Coordinator at CLEO.