Legal Rights Literacy Kits

Our Legal Rights Literacy Kits provide ready‐made materials for Ontario adult instructors aligned to the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (the OALCF). The kits were developed by adult educators with extensive experience developing curricula for adult learners. CLEO Connect adapted the kits from content created by the Community Law School (Sarnia‐Lambton) Inc.

What you’ll find in the kits:

  • OALCF Cover Sheets and scoring rubrics
  • Task Sets with varied activities testing vocabulary and comprehension
  • Legal information about common legal problems in Ontario

Topics covered: tenants' rights; workers' rights; consumer and debt issues; how to find legal information

Employment rights - produced November 2020
Workplace Posters
Injuries at Work

BONUS! 2 minute video "Introducing Your Guide to the ESA (Employment Standards Act)"

Consumer rights - produced November 2020
Payday Loans
Collection Agencies
Tenants' rights - produced November 2020
Paying Rent
Maintenance and Repair - Part 1
Maintenance and Repair - Part 2

BONUS! Illustrated Repair Request Form to help tenants make simple repair requests to their landlords.

Legal information and referral sources - produced November 2020
Steps to Justice website

BONUS! 3 minute video "Introducing Steps to Justice"

All CLEO educational resources are available for free. Resources are for general educational use and are not legal advice. CLEO retains the copyright over all CLEO resources – please contact us for permission to modify any of our materials.

CLEO's Legal Rights Kits were adapted from content created by the Community Law School (Sarnia‐Lambton) Inc. This work was generously supported by The Law Foundation of Ontario.