Tip sheets and referral information

We’ve created seven tip sheets to help you give legal information and referrals to people who come to you with legal problems.

  • "Detecting legal problems" sets out some common things you might hear clients say when they have a legal problem. It also links you to legal information that may be helpful.
  • Community workers can give legal information to people even if they don't have legal training. "Giving legal information" gives examples of legal information and legal advice to help you understand the difference.
  • There is a lot of legal information available online – so much that sometimes it can be hard to tell what you can rely on. "Clues to reliable legal information" provides a checklist of what to look for when assessing the legal information you find online.
  • "Sources for online legal information" lists several websites where you can find reliable online legal information for people in Ontario.
  • "Legal services in Ontario" describes and gives contact information for free or low-cost legal services in Ontario.
  • "Helping clients with legal questions” highlights good practices to keep in mind when responding to law-related questions.
  • "Hiring and working with a lawyer" sets out some examples of when it is important to consult a lawyer. It also contains tips on interviewing a lawyer and discussing fee structures with a lawyer.
  • "Making referrals for legal services" outlines some things to consider when referring your clients to legal services.
  • The “Legal help checklist for public libraries” helps libraries identify ways that they can support clients with legal questions through their collections, electronic resources, and staff.

Last updated in May 2023