Book a workshop: Building Legal Capability/ Atelier sur la capacité juridique

These workshops:

  • Are typically offered online but may be available in person
  • Usually require a minimum of 15-20 participants, but can be delivered to one or more organizations at a time
  • Can be customized for the organization(s)
  • Are available in English and French

In this workshop, community workers will build skills to support their clients with law-related questions and problems. Knowing how to identify a potential legal issue and how to respond effectively can help prevent problems from getting worse. The workshop includes activities such as group exercises, quizzes, and case scenarios.

CLEO Connect can provide a Legal Capability workshop/ Atelier sur la capacité juridique on its own or in combination with a Steps to Justice/ Justice pas-à-pas workshop. Online workshops are typically scheduled for 90 minutes. In-person workshops offer greater opportunities for collective work and usually last two to three hours. While we will do our best to accommodate all requests, we offer only a limited number of in-person workshops.

The workshop will cover:

  • Detecting potential legal problems
  • Finding reliable legal information
  • Giving good legal information and law-related support
  • Using CLEO’s legal information resources
  • Referring people to legal advice

How can I book a workshop?

To learn more or request a Legal Capability workshop/ Atelier sur la capacité juridique, please complete our workshop request form. If you have any questions about our workshops, please contact Kristin Marshall at for English and Marie Koona at for French.

*CLEO Connect is unable to provide direct training for your clients or workshops on substantive law. If CLEO is unable to meet your organization’s training needs, we will do our best to connect you to another organization who may be able to help.