Legal capability webinars: How to help people with legal problems

Do your clients ask you:

  • how to get their landlord to make repairs?
  • what they can do if they aren't being paid properly?
  • how to respond to a letter from the government about their social assistance?

CLEO Connect can train you and your colleagues on how to find the legal information that:

  • helps you decide if there’s a legal aspect to your client’s problem
  • directs you to accurate and reliable sources of legal information
  • explains the difference between legal information and legal advice
  • helps you make referrals when people need legal advice

These customized webinars are available in English.

Who is the training for?

Our webinars are designed for a wide variety of community workers in Ontario, including:

  • social workers and counsellors
  • employment, settlement, and housing workers
  • healthcare professionals
  • library staff

How can I book a webinar?

If you would like to plan a webinar for staff at your organization or get more information, email Urooj Ameeruddin, Special Projects Coordinator at CLEO.