CPP-Disability: A Guided Pathway to request reconsideration or appeal when denied

Recorded on June 6, 2024

Do you support clients who applied for Canadian Pension Plan–Disability (CPP-D) benefits and were denied? Or who had their request for reconsideration declined? This webinar will help community workers understand the CPP-D reconsideration and appeal processes. Our presenters will walk you through the steps to help you support clients using CLEO's Guided Pathway tool.

Anu Bakshi, Staff Lawyer at Income Security Advocacy Centre (ISAC)
Erik Bornmann, Director of Guided Pathways at CLEO

NOTE: We have provided a handout on important resources and supports from the webinar in this link. We also provide it in PDF form below with the recording and PowerPoint slides

Highlights from the webinar:

You can watch the webinar in its entirety OR click on a question, press play , and it will bring you to the corresponding item in the webinar.

Highlights of the webinar - skip to the section by clicking below:
Slides 6-7: Apply for the CCP-D Benefit + eligibility
Slide 8: CPP-D as partial earnings - chart
Slide 11: How much money is CPP-D?
Slide 12: Do I need to have worked full time to receive CPP-D?
Slide 13: Minimum Contribution Requirements
Slide 14:Late applicants - if you didn’t apply when you first become disabled
Slides 15-16: Significance of the MQP (minimum contribution requirements)
Slides 17-18: CPP-D children’s benefit amounts
Slides 19-21:CPP-D Test What does it mean to have a severe and prolonged mental or physical condition?
Slides 22-27: The “severe” analysis and definition of “prolonged”
Slide 28: Disputing a denial: Application to Appeal and Timelines
Slides 30-31: Reconsideration: How does it work?
Slides 32-123: Overview of Guided Pathways Tool
Live Q+A: questions from participants
Slides 124-129: Appeals: Tips when appealing
130-131: Important tips!
132-147: Overview of Guided Pathways Tool
Live Q+A: questions from participants


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