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CLEO's Your Legal Rights webinars are aimed at community workers and advocates who work with low-income and disadvantaged communities in Ontario.

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Housing and tenants’ rights during COVID-19

Recorded on November 19th, 2020 – Many tenants who can’t pay the rent are facing an uncertain future. What options do they have? What are the landlord’s obligations to their tenants around maintenance and privacy issues? Legal experts will answer these questions and more during this upcoming webinar. You will also receive updates on the […]


November 19, 2020 (1 hour and 30 minutes)

Support for residential energy customers impacted by COVID-19 – A webinar from the Low Income Energy Network (LIEN)

Recorded on July 30, 2020  – On June 1, 2020, the Government of Ontario confirmed that it is making $9 million available for the COVID-19 Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), to support residential customers struggling to pay their energy bills as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. Utility companies began accepting applications for CEAP on July 13, […]


July 30, 2020 (1 hour)

Webinar for frontline workers on tenants’ rights during COVID-19

IMPORTANT UPDATE: August 4, 2020 Starting on August 4, 2020, evictions can be enforced again in Ontario. Any eviction order issued by the Landlord and Tenant Board can now be filed with the Sheriff and they will enforce it by changing the locks if the tenant has not moved before they come. At the time […]


June 16, 2020 (1 hour and 30 minutes)

New tools for helping people find good legal information – A webinar for community workers

Recorded on June 14, 2017 – This webinar, provided by CLEO, is designed for community workers who help users find legal information. It covers Steps to Justice, CLEO’s new website for helping clients find step-by-step information about common legal problems. It also outlines the difference between legal information and legal advice.
We cover the following topics:


June 14, 2017 (1 hour and 4 minutes)

Housing Co-ops and the Eviction Process

Recorded on May 20, 2014 – This webinar is a recording of a live presentation that covers the process for evictions from non-profit co-operative housing that comes into effect in Ontario on June 1, 2014.


May 20, 2014 (1 hour and 40 minutes)

The ‘In and Out’ of Evictions

Recorded on June 13, 2012  – Getting evicted from a home is never pleasant. This webinar, intended for community workers, gives information on how to advise clients who are dealing with eviction. The webinar looks at who is a tenant, what tenants face when they receive an eviction notice, and the role of the Landlord and Tenant Board.


June 13, 2012 (57 minutes)

Residential Tenancies Act: The Basics

Recorded on Wednesday, Dec 15 2010 (75 minutes) – This webinar is presented by Sheeba Sibal of West Scarborough Community Legal Services. It gives service providers an overview of the Ontario Residential Tenancies Act including who is covered.


December 15, 2010 (75 minutes)