Workers’ rights: Vaccinations and COVID-19

Recorded on:  November 4, 2021

Ontario is entering another stage of the COVID-19 pandemic where health concerns related to the workplace are creating new tensions and fears. Misinformation from many sources means that we face a lot of confusion about our rights at work, sometimes resulting in job loss or unpaid leaves for workers.

Community workers and legal experts share resources and up-to-date information on workers’ rights during COVID-19 that will help you support your clients and community.

This is a community forum webinar for frontline workers in Northwest Toronto where many neighborhoods have been hit hard by COVID-19. Many community members are racialized workers in high-risk sectors, often working multiple jobs at different locations, throughout the pandemic. However, the information presented is relevant to all workers across Ontario.

CORRECTION: Presenter Farid Partovi Chaharlangi's name is spelled incorrectly on the webinar slides. We apologize for this error.