Resisting burnout and building resilience during COVID-19: A workshop recognizing the hard work of frontline workers

Recorded on December 15th, 2020

During the COVID-19 pandemic, frontline workers have continued to provide support to clients and communities, many of whom have been thrown into crisis. Racialized communities have been disproportionately affected, compounding existing inequality. Many frontline workers are also working remotely, making it more difficult to assist and connect with clients in this isolating time.

This workshop will explore the impact of these changes on our health and our ability to work effectively on the frontlines during COVID-19. Facilitator and educator Karen BK Chan will help us identify the signs of burnout, stress and compassion fatigue as well as strengthen our resilience and self-compassion while supporting our communities.

This workshop included an exercise with breakout rooms. This portion of the workshop is not included in the recordings below.

ASL interpretation was provided and is featured in the recordings below.

Our Facilitator/Presenter

Karen B. K. Chan is an award-winning sex and emotional literacy educator in Toronto, Canada, with 20+ years of experience. Trained in Creative Facilitation, Productive Thinking, and Non-Violent Communication, BK's favourite ways to learn and teach are through stories, metaphors, diagrams, and things that make people laugh.  Above all, BK is dedicated to having difficult conversations that are real, transformative, and kind.

Workshop Recording

Workshop Recording with spotlighted ASL (no slides)