Immigration Law: Debunking the Misconceptions

Immigration law can be very complicated and it is sometimes hard to figure out what rights women have while living with precarious status. This webinar will go through some of the most common myths and misconceptions about immigration law and help you establish accurate and up-to-date information. You will leave better equipped to work with women navigating the immigration and refugee system.

This webinar is part of the Family Law Education for Women (FLEW) series, co-presented by Roxana Parsa, Program Lawyer at METRAC and Emma McAuliffe, Refugee Lawyer.

Immigration Law: Debunking the Misconceptions from CLEO Webinars on Vimeo.


Roxana Parsa is the Program Lawyer at METRAC’s Community Justice Program, which provides legal education and information related to gender-based violence, equality and access to justice, in areas of family, immigration, criminal, employment and human rights law. She previously worked as a refugee and immigration lawyer in private practice, as well as in Aboriginal and human rights litigation at the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Emma McAuliffe is the founder of McAuliffe Law and acts for clients principally in immigration and refugee matters. After completing her legal studies in Calgary, Emma articled with one of Canada’s premier criminal litigation and administrative law firms in Toronto. After articles, she worked in human rights and public legal education before starting her own firm under the guiding principal of "exceptional advocacy for all”. Emma is proud to provide vigorous representation in a dedicated and uncompromising manner to all her clients, and proudly accepts Legal Aid certificates. Emma continues to advance justice for refugees and non-status people through her work. She been involved in law reform, advocacy and community organizing in Ontario and Alberta for nearly a decade, and she frequently delivers free public legal education programs at community-serving agencies across Toronto. Emma is the proud daughter of Irish immigrants. Please visit her website to learn more about her progress