Webinar on free online tool to prepare a power of attorney

Recorded on July 22, 2020

CLEO is host to this webinar on StepstoJustice.ca, a website with legal information on common legal problems and Guided Pathways to preparing POAs, a free, online tool to help you prepare a power of attorney.

This webinar is for people working or volunteering with older adults, who are often asked questions with a legal aspect. These could be questions about health and disability or income assistance, abuse and family violence or wills and powers of attorney. Steps to Justice also has updates on the law and legal services related to COVID:19.

Participants will learn how to navigate Steps to Justice to find legal information. The site also includes referral information for legal advice, and organizations and services that people can turn to for additional help.

Participants will then navigate through a Guided Pathway to preparing a power of attorney. They will have an opportunity to ask questions (of a general nature) of an experienced lawyer in this field.

• Judith Wahl, Lawyer at Wahl Elder Law
• Erik Bornmann, Staff Lawyer at CLEO
• Deb Bourk, Project Manager, Community Engagement and Communications, CLEO

Moderated by Fiona MacCool, Digital Projects Manager, CLEO

ASL interpretation was provided for this event and is featured on the recording.

Webinar on free online tool to prepare a power of attorney from CLEO Webinars on Vimeo.