Use CLEO’s activity kits

CLEO’s free resources for ESL, LINC, and adult literacy instructors and learners incorporate legal information and legal life skills information with practical activities and case studies designed for use in adult classroom settings. You can use the kits to help learners improve literacy skills while learning about legal rights.

Our ESL Activity Kits are intended for use by adult ESL and LINC instructors to help learners gain information about their legal rights while learning English. They were developed using the Canadian Language Benchmarks (CLB), and are available at a range of CLB levels. The activity kits correspond with themes and topics in the Adult ESL and LINC curriculum guidelines. The kits were developed by an experienced ESL curriculum expert.  

Topics covered: tenants’ rights; workers’ rights

Our Legal Life Skills Curriculum is intended for use by instructors in job readiness and literacy programs to help learners recognize legal problems in the workplace while learning essential life skills. Adult instructors gave input on the topics and content of the six activity kits in the curriculum, and the resources were tested with students in several community-based literacy settings.

Topics covered include: organizing and prioritizing information; putting things in writing; dealing with difficult questions in a job interview or at work

Our Legal Rights Literacy Kits are intended for use by adult literacy instructors in Ontario. They provide ready‐made materials aligned to the Ontario Adult Literacy Curriculum Framework (the OALCF). The kits were developed by adult educators with extensive experience developing curricula for adult learners. 

Topics covered: tenants' rights; workers' rights; consumer and debt issues; how to find legal information

Our Rights Bites podcasts and companion CLB-friendly (Canadian Learning Benchmark) teaching materials are intended for use by adult instructors working with newcomers. They draw attention to legal rights regarding common problems faced by immigrants in Ontario. Each podcast episode combines interviews with lawyers, community workers, and immigrants who have faced employment law or housing law problems. The companion materials focus on short excerpts from each podcast:

  • Legal Rights in the Workplace: Hours of Work and Minimum Wage
  • Housing Law: Illegal Deposits
  • Workplace Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Housing Law: Gentrification and the Cost of Housing in Ontario Cities

Topics covered: tenants’ rights; workers’ rights