Check to see what’s already out there

Make sure that the information or presentation you want to produce isn’t already available.

Many organizations in Ontario develop legal information every year. It’s possible that the type of legal information or presentation you wish to develop already exists in some form. And it can be easier to adapt someone else’s work than to start from scratch.

You can search for existing resources in Ontario using the Your Legal Rights Resources page. If you find something that you think would be useful, contact the authoring organization for permission to adapt, and offer to credit them in your resource.

Of course, before you adapt a resource, you will need to have a legal expert review the resource you found to make sure that it is up to date, regardless of how recent the resource is.

Or, if you are a community worker and want to create a legal information presentation to deliver in your community, you can contact us – we can try to help you find existing resources that you could use or adapt.

Look for legal information resources.