COVID-19 Inventory Tool for community workers

We are revising the COVID-19 Inventory Tool for community workers!

Many of the income benefits and special rules associated with COVID-19 have now ended or are being phased out. We are currently working on new ways to keep you up to date in your work. Stay tuned for news about what's coming next!

For now, please visit Steps to Justice COVID-19 for access to the most reliable and updated COVID-19 legal information.

Any questions? Please contact Karen Dick at

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen many changes to laws affecting people in our communities. Our COVID-19 Inventory Tool on CLEO Connect provides an overview of key, up-to-date resources and services to help community workers support their clients during the pandemic.​

Click on the icons below to access resources related to employment, income benefits, housing, and family law in Ontario.​