The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) online portal Question and Answer Session (Part 2)

Recorded on July 20, 2023

Join us for further discussion on key tips and strategies for community workers supporting tenants with the LTB online portal. In this special Q+A follow-up session, our housing experts answer questions about the online portal.

We recommend that you watch Part 1 before the follow-up Q+A Session: The LTB online portal: strategies for tenant advocates.

Robert Spencer, Paralegal and Aron Van de Kleut, Staff Lawyer, Huron Perth Community Legal Clinic

NOTE: We have provided a handout on important resources and supports from the webinar in PDF form below, along with the recording and PowerPoint slides.

Highlights from the webinar:

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General Filing Questions Related to the Portal


Access and Accommodation Issues Related to the Portal

  1. Do tenants have to use the portal? Are there other ways they can respond to LL applications or submit an application?
  2. How does the portal work for clients who don’t have a computer, but will use a cellphone? Most of our clients will use a phone.
  3. How long can we expect to hear from the LTB after we file an application?
  4. Will a notice of hearing only be posted on the portal or will you receive notice by email or mail if you prefer that?
  5. Is there a way to find out if a party has filed with the board, if the respondent has not received the notice yet?
  6. What is a PIN?
  7. When a landlord files an application - how long before the tenant can see this? Or get notice of this? And Q: How long does it take to get a PIN?
  8. When a party adds evidence or documents to the portal, will the respondent see it?
  9. Co-ops - are tenants living in co-ops allowed to file applications at the LTB?
  10. If a tenant moved out already but is still owed money from a landlord - can they file an application even if they don’t live there anymore? Can this be done through the Portal?
  11. Can a representative file for a client?
  12. I have a hearing coming up but haven’t gotten a notice of hearing. Can I find the information about my hearing in the portal somewhere?
  13. Is there a limit to the number of documents that can be uploaded?
  1. The ability to upload and download documents requires both strong Internet and a level of facility with computers. What are the options for people who don’t have either?
  2. Are there places where those who have the need to be able to get assistance with turning files into pdf format to upload to the portal? If so, are there places that assist for free?
  3. Is there tech support for your hearing? How do you request it through the portal?
  4. Do I have to set up a portal account? I don’t always have access to a computer. 
  5. My client would like to share their PIN with me - is this allowed? Can I access their account with their PIN?
  6. Does the LL see a fee waiver as well? If a tenant on ODSP requests a fee waiver and the LL sees that they are disabled, is that not a privacy violation?
  7. When an accommodation request is made, is this available for all to see? 
  8. I have a mental health disability and am struggling with the portal. I’ve tried calling the LTB and they were very impatient with my questions. Where can I get someone to help me navigate the portal and answer my questions?
  9. Can tenants request in-person hearings through the portal?
  10. When a tenant requests and is granted accommodation, for example, a support person for the hearing, does the LTB account for this when issuing the notice of hearing - to give sufficient time to arrange this?
  11. Can you make a request for TDC through the portal?
  12. What is TDC?
LIVE Q+A: Questions from webinar participants LIVE Q+A: Questions from webinar participants

Correction (1:11:58): There is, in fact, financial eligibility criteria to gain access to Tenant Duty Counsel Support. For details, please visit Legal Aid Ontario.

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