Pride and Protest: Strategies to Protect and Advance 2SLGBTQIA+ Rights in Ontario

Recorded on May 28, 2024

The Ontario Human Rights Code protects queer and trans communities from discrimination. But our communities continue to experience hate speech, violence, and exclusion, as well as lower levels of income and wellbeing. What can you do to protect the human rights of your 2SLGBTQIA+ clients and provide supportive and inclusive services?

This webinar provides community workers with information about the legal framework of rights relating to 2SLGBTQIA+ communities and highlight legal issues affecting queer and trans communities in Ontario. We will share best practices for inclusivity, useful case studies, and resources to guide you to community and legal support.

Chevin Commock (he/him), Manager, Legal Initiatives at The 519 Legal Advice Clinic
Johanna Macdonald (she/her), Director, Public Interest & Legal Initiatives at The 519 Legal Advice Clinic

NOTE: We have provided a handout on important resources and supports from the webinar in this link. We also provide it in PDF form below with the recording and PowerPoint slides

Highlights from the webinar:

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Highlights of the webinar - skip to the section by clicking below:
Slides 6-7: Who are 2SLGBTQIA+ people? International and national socio-legal context
Slides 8-9: International Focus: USA Anti-Trans Laws and map of states
Slide 10: Canadian Legal Framework
Slide 11: Violence (interpersonal and systemic): Protective Criminal Laws
Slide 12: Hate Speech and Recognition by the Supreme Court
Slide 13:Community Justice Needs
Slide 14: Restrictive access to inclusive and safe spaces
Slide 15: Gender-affirming care legal support - support clinics
Slide 16: Name change and gender marker changes in Ontario
Slide 17: Trans ID clinics and Self-Help Program
Slides 19-20: LGBTQIA+ Newcomers
Slide 21: Live Q+A
Slides 22-24: Case Study #1 FELIX (he/they) Identifying legal issues and supports
Slides 25-28: Case Study #2 FARAH (she/her) Identifying legal issues and supports
Slide 29: Strategies for building inclusive environments
Slide 30: Pronouns! Essential and effective!
Slides 31-32: Best Practices and Strategies
Live Q+A
Slides 33+: Resources

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