Prescott Russell Clinic Personal Documents Organization Kit

This resource is a tool for low-income people to maintain personal records and keep important government correspondence in order. Created by the Clinique juridique populaire de Prescott et Russell, the kit contains envelopes for organizing documents a client may need when dealing with legal matters related to income, rent, utilities, taxes, and other expenses. Tip sheets and brochures advise the client of their legal rights and give instructions on managing finances and keeping records. The folders were developed as supports for clients to take to appointments with officials and service providers. This kit can serve as a template and be customized to meet the needs of clients in communities across Ontario.

The kit includes:

Outside folder: A double pocket duo tang folder holds the materials. The front of the folder is labelled "Personal Documents" and the back is labelled "Produit par/Produced by Clinique juridique populaire de Prescott et Russell" and the clinic address.

Folder contents

  • Envelopes - Large envelopes (8.5" X 11" size) are provided for storing invoices, receipts, statements, or letters. Separate envelopes are provided for housing documents (such as leases, rent receipts, and utilities payments), social assistance or pension documents, and other documents (such as credit card invoices and payments or car payments). Logos representing the organizations that generate the documents are printed on the fronts of the envelopes to assist people with low literacy or limited language skills to add their documents to the appropriate envelopes.
  • Tip sheet - The "Things to Do" sheet explains where to put documents in the kit along with some general points on things to do and things to avoid in managing personal financial affairs.
  • Referral list This is a list of community and government services and local food banks with directions on how to access their services.
  • Other kit materials: A note pad, a pen, and a selection of other brochures and forms that may be useful to the client are included.