Part 1: Relocating with children during divorce or separation

Recorded on February 8, 2024

Amendments to the Divorce Act in 2021 introduced new steps that a parent must take before relocating with their children. This webinar series provide community workers with practical information and resources to support their clients who are seeking to relocate with children or who have received a notice of relocation.

Part 1 provides information on:

  • What is the difference between a change in residence and a relocation?
  • What kind of notice has to be provided?
  • What happens if you don’t provide notice?

Min Jin, Staff Lawyer, Luke's Place
Phebe Quaye, Program Manager, Luke's Place

NOTE: We have provided a handout on important resources and supports from the webinar in this link. We also provide it in PDF form below with the recording and PowerPoint slides

Highlights from the webinar:

You can watch the webinar in its entirety OR click on a question, press play , and it will bring you to the corresponding item in the webinar.

Highlights of the webinar - skip to the section by clicking below:
Gendered nature of Relocation (slide 3)
Overview of the process to determine nature of relocation (slide 4)
Difference between relocation and change in residence (slides 5,6)
Determining if a move is "relocation, with examples (slides 7-21)
Live Q+A (slide 22)
Notice and why it's important (slide 23)
Notice requirement for change in residence (slide 25)
Notice requirement for relocation (slides 26,27)
Notice of relocation form (slides 28-33)
Do you always have to provide notice (slide 37)
Factors considered for notice to be waived (slide 38)
What if you don't want the other parent to know about the move (slide 39,40)
What happens after notice (slides 41-43)
Live Q+A (slide 44)

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