Information for Victims

These publications produced by the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick (PLEIS-NB) have information on the Canadian Victims Bill of Rights and provide tools and information for survivors of crime and those who support them. These publications include three booklets in a series entitled Are You a Victim of Crime? The first booklet offers an overview of victims’ rights to information, participation, restitution, and protection. The second explores victims’ rights to make a complaint when they feel their rights have been denied or violated at either the federal or provincial level. The third booklet provides information on a range of situations where victims of crime can expect to have or can request no-contact provisions or orders against an offender. These resources can be accessed directly by victims online. They will also be available when victims come into contact with police, courts, victim services and other service providers who work to address the safety and concerns of victims and survivors of crime.