Elections Canada FAQs on Voting

This website has information on how and where to vote, time off work to vote, voter ID, who may vote, what to expect when you go to your polling place to vote, why voting matters, and Canadian Forces voters and their relatives.

How and where to vote

  • How do I vote – what are my options?
  • I'm a Canadian elector living abroad. How do I vote?
  • My home is in Canada but I will be out of town on election day. How do I vote? (applies to travellers and students away from home)
  • I'm homeless. How do I vote?
  • I live in a hospital or long-term care facility. How do I vote?
  • I am a post-secondary student. In the next federal general election, will I be able to vote on campus?
  • If I cannot vote on campus, what are my options?

Time off work to vote

  • Am I allowed time off work to vote?
  • Are all employers required to give time off work to vote?
  • Who decides when employees may take time off work to vote?
  • Can an employee lose pay for taking time off to vote?
  • Is there a penalty for employers who do not give employees time off to vote?

Voter ID

  • What pieces of ID can I use to vote?

Who may vote

  • Who is eligible to vote in federal elections and referendums?
  • My income tax form asked if I want to share some of my information with Elections Canada, and I answered "no." Do I still have the right to vote?
  • I'm serving a prison sentence. Can I vote?

Polling place

  • What can I expect when I go to my polling place to vote?

Why voting matters

  • Why should I vote?

Canadian Forces voters and their relatives

  • I'm in the Canadian Armed Forces. How do I vote?
  • I am living with a member of the Canadian Forces. I am away from home. How do I vote?
  • What is a Statement of Ordinary Residence, used by Canadian Forces electors?
  • How do I change my Statement of Ordinary Residence (SOR)?
  • I am a Canadian Forces elector. Can I vote at a civilian polling station?
  • I am a Canadian Forces elector. Does my address for voting purposes change whenever I am posted or deployed?