Changes in the Treatment of Child Support in OW and ODSP: What Parents Need to Know

Important changes are being made to Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) rules around child support. If you are a parent on OW or ODSP who is getting or should be getting child support, this fact sheet has information for you about these changes. It answers these questions:

  • What changes are being made?
  • When do these changes start?
  • My child's other parent owes me money for child support. Will I be able to keep all that money once I get it?
  • Will I still have to pursue child support in order to receive social assistance?
  • Will I have to report child support money that I get?
  • Do these changes also apply to spousal support?
  • The Family Responsibility Office has been collecting child and/or spousal support for me and paying that money to the Ministry. What will happen now?