Waking up to PLE: Public legal education, access to justice and closing the justice gap

This edition of a UK journal intended for lawyers contains a series of short papers by public legal education and information (PLE) scholars and providers on the general topic of PLE and its role in closing the justice gap. Much if not most of the context is also relevant to the Canadian context. Some of the topics covered in the journal are:

  • "the common sense of law" - PLE and legal capability (Lisa Wintersteiger)
  • knowledge as power (Pascoe Pleasance, Nigel J. Balmer and Catrina Denvir)
  • the varied facets of PLE (Stephen Mayson)
  • PLE for vulnerable youth (Lewis Parle)
  • the complexities of self-help (Jeff Giddings)
  • citizenship and PLE (Molly Kearney and Ruth Dwight)
  • a beginners' guide to PLE (Mary Marvel)