Voices from the field: Needs mapping self-help services in rural and remote communities

The goal of this project was to examine civil and family justice needs in rural and remote areas of British Columbia. It also explored options for providing access to self-help services, to help users resolve their civil and family justice issues. The research was undertaken for the Supreme Court Self-help Information Centre (SHIC) with funding from the Law Foundation of British Columbia. The specific goals for the project were to produce an access-to-justice map for rural and remote areas to describe issues, services, gaps, and priority needs for possible self-help services.
It also describes a service vision that creates a framework for people to access civil and family justice services to resolve their legal issues. The overview of current research showed a focus on the impact of distance, the unique challenges faced by Aboriginal peoples, and the use of technology in rural and remote areas. This report offers recommendations on Aboriginal services and improving communities’ capacity to provide access to in-person and distance legal assistance.