Violence against women in CALD communities: Understandings and actions to prevent violence against women in CALD communities

This report summarizes the interim outcomes of a 10 year project that aims for primary prevention of violence against women in culturally and linguistically distinct (CALD) communities in Australia. It calls for a highly coordinated approach to preventing violence against women, while recognizing the need to tailor interventions at the community and local level.

The report indicates that education forms a key component for newcomer women and children. Suggested intervention points for education are:

  • design and delivery of a module relating to violence against women within English as a Second Language programs delivered to migrants
  • incorporate information about violence against women to existing orientation programs for refugees and humanitarian entrants, as well as other visa categories
  • develop culturally relevant resources and distributing those nationally
  • approach CALD men to act as "ambassadors" or trusted intermediaries to reach other men in their communities with prevention messages