Using Technology to Enhance Access to Justice

This report brings together six articles prepared for a 2012 summit on the use of technology to promote access to justice. The articles address the following topics:

  • successful efforts to deliver information and services related to access to justice through the internet (by Jane Ribadeneyra)
  • barriers to implementing new technologies and problems that technology-based delivery might create for vulnerable people (by Bonnie Rose Hough)
  • mobile technology as it has been used to help people with low incomes access legal services (by Abdiheet Chavan)
  • the present and future state of court e-filing systems (by James Cabral and Thomas Clarke)
  • the potential use of technology to match individual litigants' needs with the services most appropriate for their cases (by Bonnie Rose Hough and Richard Zorza)
  • internal and external barriers to adopting automated legal services applications (by Linda Rexer and Phil Malone)