Report of the Court Processes Simplification Working Group

The work of the Court Processes Simplification Working Group (CPSWG) is a key element of the Action Committee’s collaborative approach to improving access to justice. Access to justice requires members of the public to have the knowledge, resources, and services to deal effectively with civil and family legal matters. The CPSWG collected information in a national survey. This report provides a summary of some of the most promising initiatives within each of these topics, together with recommendations for further consideration by the Action Committee. The report also looks at further innovations and ideas for reform and discusses current initiatives and recommendations for access to justice. It concludes that improving access to justice in Canada is the responsibility of all players in the justice system, including judges, lawyers, all levels of government, paralegals, academics, NGOs, public legal educators, and the public. It concludes that further work and innovation is needed in court processes simplification.