Online Training for Community-Based Intermediaries: Survey Findings and Implications

This report describes the results from a survey of trusted intermediaries from 120 communities across British Columbia on preferred methods of e-learning and online legal information training. The needs assessment was intended to gauge:

  • the preferred type(s) and modes of e-training
  • the main delivery considerations (such as scheduling and duration of training, and technical issues)
  • what training topics to prioritize
  • important differences among groups of community-based intermediaries by sector and geographical location

The survey showed that webinars and self-paced courses were popular options, given that community workers and other trusted intermediaries have diverse schedules and preferences. The researchers found that it would be best to offer a range of training options. Preferred duration of training, given busy schedules, was flagged as no more than one hour - and people who had not participated in online training previously suggested 20 minutes as a good starting point. Those surveyed indicated that they would welcome training in a range of subject areas, particularly in domestic violence, poverty law, family law, referrals, and child protection.

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