Listen and ‘be real’ research report

This is the first of three annual Research and Impact Evaluation (RIE) Reports of a program entitled ‎‎‘Bagaraybang bagaraybang mayinygalang (BBM): Empowering & Alleviating: A Health Justice ‎Partnership (HJP) offering legal support for social & emotional well-being between the Hume ‎Riverina Community Legal Service (HRCLS) & Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service (AWAHS). ‎This RIE has been embedded from service start up including in the way the funding application was ‎designed.‎

The study focuses on the newly established Bagaraybang bagaraybang mayinygalang (BBM), which works with Aboriginal community members in the Northeast New South Wales and Victoria areas of Australia who experience poor mental health and wellbeing.