Justice Innovation & Access to Justice Program: Report

This report gives an overview of the first stage of an experiential education initiative set up through York University's Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto to foster innovation thinking in the access to justice sector. The A2J Program, which consists of three innovative courses, evidently "offers JD Candidates an opportunity to learn the theory and tools that are needed to promote innovation in the legal field, apply these tools hypothetically in case studies and simulations, build partnerships with community organizations and apply theory to real world access to justice issues."

According to the report, "significant background research went into designing the A2J Program, which was generously funded by York University’s Academic Innovation Fund. The content and structure of each course is based on a fusion of theoretical knowledge, research into best practices and experience, feedback from those who have engaged in similar work and the extensive experience of Osgoode Hall Law School in delivering experiential legal education."