Findings of the evaluation survey

This document reports on the evaluation of the Settlement.Org website, a site that helps people get settled in Ontario. The evaluation aimed to profile users of the website, get their feedback on satisfaction, strengths and limitations, as well as usability of the site for newcomers. The evaluation of the Settlement.Org website combined quantitative and qualitative data collection methods. A survey ran for 7 weeks in 2013 and had participation from 300 respondents of mixed age, education, and gender across Canada. Nearly a third of respondents were settlement services professionals. Respondents of the survey reported choosing Settlement.Org to find information about settling in Ontario primarily because they regarded it as a reliable and accurate source of information. Respondents found it highly useful but did provide suggestions for improvement. The survey showed that users are highly educated, long-term Canadian residents with strong language skills who appreciate the information provided on the website. It also showed the diverse opinions and interests of users.