Digital Delivery of Legal Services to People on Low Incomes – Half year update December 2017

This report provides an update about developments in digital delivery of legal services in British Columbia, Ontario, England, Wales, the US, New Zealand, Australia, and the Netherlands. It discusses some of the issues digital delivery of public legal education and information (PLE) raises for governments, funders, providers and users. It builds upon findings in earlier reports co-written by the same author.

The author addresses the following topics in this report:

  • the use of technology in private practice
  • the role of startups, innovation hubs, and hackathons to inform and build new legal technology
  • the development of online courts and tribunals
  • the need for precise information when evaluating legal technology
  • the development of avatars and bots to help deliver legal information
  • the development of new online information portals such as CLEO’s Steps to Justice

The author also highlights best practices in thinking about digital delivery of PLE and evaluation. This might, for low-income users, require strategies such as integrating online delivery of legal information into face-to-face provision.

See also the 2017 annual report and the 2018 annual report.