Developing a coordinated service model for self representing litigants: Proposed Service Vision and Program Design

This report covers phase two of the Self-Representing Litigants project in British Columbia. It focuses on developing a service vision, model, and implementation plan for a Self-Represented Litigants’ Self-Help Centre in family and civil justice. The projects tries to determine a model for coordinating self-help legal services at two Vancouver courthouses and to develop a strategy for implementing a pilot project. The researchers interviewed service providers from agencies that deal with self-representing litigants in Supreme Court in civil and family matters. They asked about services, needs, issues, and gaps, as well as ideas to meet the needs of those requiring self-help. Based on project research, mapping, and consultation activities, the research team suggested the creation of a self-help centre to organize the delivery of services to self-representing litigants with a focus on family law.