Clicklaw and beyond: Public Legal Education and Information Materials in BC

This paper presents an overview of PLEI resources currently available in British Columbia in order to look for gaps and overlaps as part of the Clicklaw project – a website to provide one-stop access to diverse sources of legal information, education, and help. It first summarizes current research on how people try to solve their legal problems and then presents an overview of PLEI resources. It compares them to findings from relevant legal needs surveys and sites. It examines PLEI resources in British Columbia in terms of format and resource types and identifies a matrix of gaps by 27 topics and ways to move forward. Only minimal overlaps in PLEI resources were identified. The authors recommend that the PLEI network must collaborate more closely to maximize financial resources and present the best possible information to users, including tailoring resources to user needs, improving online formats, doing usability testing of online materials, and sharing evaluation outcomes.