Civil Justice Reform Project, Summary of Findings and Recommendations

This report reviews potential areas of legal reform and makes recommendations to make the civil justice system more accessible and affordable. The recommendations aim to improve access to justice for Ontarians who are both represented and unrepresented litigants. The report supports the principle that the time and expense of any proceeding should be proportionate to the amount in dispute and the importance of the issues at stake. It also takes into account regional differences within Ontario, in terms of legal culture, and procedural practices that respond to local needs. Changes to the Rules of Civil Procedure, several statutory amendments, potential improved scheduling practices for the judiciary, and best practices for the profession are recommended.

Members of the judiciary, the bar, and the public were consulted in this research. The author’s recommendations touch on many areas including judicial resources, simplified procedures, unrepresented litigants, legal information, and technology in the civil justice system.