Capturing Technological Innovation in Legal Services

This report canvasses technological advances and innovations increasingly used by lawyers and other justice sector professionals in the United Kingdom and other jurisdictions. Some of the solutions canvassed include:

  • online dispute resolution services
  • "smart forms" to fill in for court proceedings
  • mobile advice apps
  • mobile apps that put people in touch with people and services
  • The report finds that technology and new ways of working are starting to make big changes in the legal sector. However, there are some obstacles to innovation in the legal sector; for example, more than half of firms surveyed said they would prefer to wait for others to pioneer new technogical solutions. The report also offers suggestions for the Law Society of England and Wales to foster innovation, such as:

    • collaborate with tech companies and start-ups to bring new ideas forward that incorporate the specific needs of lawyers
    • invest in conferences, events, and start-ups to help innovators bring change to law firms and legal services
    • work with firms and start-ups to design and build a range of document tools to help with form completion