An evaluation of the Clicklaw Wikibook “JP Boyd on Family Law”: Phase 1 Final Report

This report presents the findings of the Institute's evaluation of the wikibook JP Boyd on Family Law, a free and comprehensive public legal education and information (PLE) resource published by Courthouse Libraries BC. Users of the wikibook were asked to complete a pop-up survey and to engage in a follow up survey by email. Researchers found from the data that the wikibook is frequently accessed by both legal professionals and the public, and is seen as an accurate source of detailed legal information on family law topics. However, few users were aware that the contents of the wikibook may be copied, saved and reused, and the make-a-book function (which allows people to publish a hard copy of the entire book) was not being used frequently. The researchers concluded that the wikibook model of PLE is effected, and recommended that use of wikibooks to deliver PLE be expanded within British Columbia and adopted in other jurisdictions.