Alberta Self-Represented Litigants Mapping Project: Final Report

The Alberta Self-Represented Litigants Access to Justice Mapping Project was designed to document the range of government and non-government services and supports currently available to self-represented litigants (SRLs) in Alberta. The mapping process also reveals issues surrounding current service delivery including gaps in present services and possible ways of bringing existing services more closely in-line with the needs of SRLs. This research was undertaken as a collaboration between Alberta Justice and non-government organizations concerned with services related to access to justice. The report begins with an overview of the background, rationale and objectives for the Mapping Project. Details of the mapping research methodology follow. Sections 4 to 6 present the project findings. Section 4 considers which people may be self-representing and Section 5 presents findings about current services to SRLS, including the type, extent, demand, capacity, accessibility and other associated service issues. Section 6 looks at unmet service needs of SRLs on two main levels: 1) what can be done to enhance delivery of currently available services; and 2) what service gaps need to be filled and how this might be achieved. Special attention is paid to the role a self-help centre or kiosk could play in achieving improved SRL services.