Queen’s Elder Law Clinic


The Queen's Elder Law Clinic provides educational and legal services to older adults and community organizations in Kingston, Ontario.

The clinic provides workshops on legal issues for seniors groups and other community organizations as well as free legal aid to eligible senior clients. Eligible clients must be low-income, over 60 years of age, reside in Kingston, and have a legal issue that the clinic can assist with. 

Clinic caseworkers are law students, supervised by lawyers. 

The clinic receives funding from Legal Aid Ontario and the Law Foundation of Ontario.

Eligible legal issues include:

  • Incapacity planning (drafting powers of attorney, wills, and advising on related issues);
  • Financial exploitation through the misuse of powers of attorney;
  • Family violence, abuse, and neglect;
  • Access to health care services;
  • Access to long-term care; and
  • Problems arising on discharge from hospitals into inappropriate facilities

Please note: Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.