Ministry of the Attorney General Family Mediation Services

Family mediation services are available at all family court locations in Ontario. Mediation is a way of helping people resolve issues relating to parenting, separation, and/or divorce including custody of or access to children, child and/or spousal support, and property division outside court.

These services are available on-site for cases that are in court on that day and appointments can also be made for off-site mediation services.  User fees for off-site mediation are charged to clients on a sliding scale based on their income and number of dependents.

Find a service provider in your area and, if necessary, ask about whether subsidies are available to reduce costs.

The following information on Family Mediation services is from the Ministry of the Attorney General:

Family mediators come from different professional backgrounds. They may be lawyers, social workers, psychologists, or financial professionals, like accountants. Select someone who has the right skills for the issues in your case.

All mediators that provide services in our family courts have qualifications that meet the standards set by the Ontario Association for Family Mediation for Accredited Family Mediators.

Mediators may also be members of one of the following organizations, each of which provides standards of professional conduct and complaints processes: