Domestic violence services

The following information is taken from the Legal Aid Ontario website at:

Legal Aid Ontario has special family law services to help people experiencing domestic violence, regardless of immigration status in Canada. Free telephone interpretation services for non-English or non-French speaking applicants are also available.

If you are experiencing domestic violence, and are in need of legal assistance, you can call Legal Aid Ontario at 1-800-668-8258 for a free two-hour consultation with a private lawyer. This lawyer can tell you the truth about your legal rights. You may, for instance, have the right to stay in Canada, keep your children, or get financial support, even if you leave an abusive partner. This service, along with free advice on immigration and refugee matters, is also offered through many shelters and community legal clinics

In addition, if you are financially eligible and are experiencing domestic violence, you may qualify for a Legal Aid Ontario certificate, which you can take to a family lawyer of your choice. For more information see: Legal Aid Certificates.