211 Ontario – Employment and Training


211Ontario.ca provides an extensive list of community and social services from across Ontario related to Employment and Training. In most communities in Ontario, you can dial 211 to access telephone-based informaton and referral services  24 hours a day, 7 days a week in over 100 languages.

For assistance in accessing employment and training services including training opportunities and apprenticeship, call the Employment Ontario Contact Centre 1-800-387-5656 (TTY 1-866-533-6339), http://feats.findhelp.ca/eng/search.html.

The following kinds of Employment and Training services can be found using 211Ontario:

High school equivalency and academic upgrading programs to help adults gain entry into post-secondary or apprenticeship programs, or to find employment.

Basic instruction in writing, reading and mathematics. Includes first language literacy programs for those whose first language is not English or French.

Apprenticeship preparation and training programs. May include information, counselling, registration and application assistance, and skills and aptitude assessment.

Assessment of aptitude and skills, labour market information, counselling and referral for persons choosing a career direction.

Employment, education and training services focusing on the needs of adults with developmental and physical disabilities.

Support for employers seeking to increase or develop their staff, including financial incentives and retraining programs.

Services that assist in having foreign educational or occupational credentials assessed to determine Canadian equivalency for employment or other purposes. Includes organizations that provide credential assessment for a fee.

Services for professionals trained in foreign countries to find work in their occupation or a related field. May include work experience, placement, mentoring, language testing and volunteer opportunities.

Advice and training in areas such as resume writing, research, interviewing and workplace expectations.

Employment, education and training services that focus on the needs of consumers of mental health services. Services may include vocational assessment, training, support and job trials.

Services that focus on assisting immigrants and refugees to prepare for and obtain employment.

Programs that promote safe and healthy work environments, including rights and responsibilities at work and Ontario's health and safety awareness training.

Programs for experienced workers, usually those 45 years and older, including group support and a focus on transferable skills.

Programs for people who operate or want to start their own businesses.

Seasonal programs assisting individuals in finding summer jobs, including students and youth.

Programs that provide practical work experience and the opportunity to develop skills, on a short-term/temporary basis.

Programs and resources for youth and young adults seeking employment. May include assessment, counselling, on-the-job training, work placements and apprenticeships.