Community justice research

Community-Based Access to Justice: Impact and Opportunity

Originally published on Slaw, Canada’s online legal magazine; written by CLEO’s Julie Mathews. The COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-ranging and profound impacts on our society. The crisis has led to a surge in legal problems related to tenant rights, employment issues, domestic violence and other areas. Most would agree that, pandemic or not, access to […]

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New CLEO research – Community Justice Help: Advancing Community-Based Access to Justice

Do you often hear from clients about problems that include a law-related element? Do you feel confident that you have the knowledge and skills to give them some support with those problems? Are you unsure about how far you can or should go in helping them, because you don’t want to stray into giving “legal […]

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Our access to justice predictions for 2020 (and beyond)

At the dawn of this new decade, we thought we’d look back at some developments in access to justice from the end of the last. And, looking into our crystal ball, we’ll try our hand at some predictions – or perhaps wishful thinking or gentle prods – for the decade to come. Here are our […]

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Community justice help: holistic approaches to clients’ needs

Today, Julie Mathews, CLEO’s Executive Director, joins us to share some thoughts about getting vulnerable people in Ontario the help they need through agencies in their community. Eye-opening. Stimulating. These are words that are not often associated with conferences at which the law is featured. But the buzz in the room after a recent panel […]

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The need for legal clinic services

As a result of the spring provincial budget, several of Ontario’s community legal clinics have lost a large amount of their funding. And the budget announced more cuts to come. This leaves people in communities across Ontario, particularly those who live on low incomes, at risk of losing access to critical legal services to help […]

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