Case studies

Youth-Police Dialogues: A chat with OJEN

For over 10 years, the Ontario Justice Education Network has been carefully refining how we work with vulnerable youth around criminal law and policing issues.

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What I learned: question assumptions and listen to the client

Our clients’ perspectives and needs should drive the information and referrals we give them, and we need to make sure we’re listening – and hearing.

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Many ways to help tenants

Brenda Doner, Manager of CLEO’s Connecting Communities project, joins us today to share information about legal information training sessions aimed at helping tenants deal with housing law problems. This sampling of current Connecting Communities legal information training projects that deal with housing law is a good reminder that there is more than one way to […]

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Adventures in PLE, part 2

Perhaps the most important part of preparing to set up and deliver public legal education and information sessions is knowing your audience – what kinds of things they want to hear about, and why.

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Adventures in PLE, part 1

We’ve written here before about the use of games in public legal education and information (PLE) work. Guest author Barbara Hurd, a long-time community legal worker, joins us today to talk about some of her experiences using games in her PLE work. A while back, a group of community legal workers and community legal clinic […]

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