Better legal information

Still looking for the right words?

Do you prepare public legal education and information materials in writing? Here are some plain language tools that might help you with your work.

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A “keep it simple” thesaurus

We were pleased to learn that Clear Language and Design (CLAD), a Toronto organization that provides clear language training and assessment services, recently published a new free resource on their website – a clear language thesaurus.

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Is your content readable?

When producing information for the public, it’s important to choose the language level that’s most easily understood by your target audience.

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Making your text accessible

The jury’s still out on whether fonts like Dyslexie improve legibility on a wider level – but it’s clear that formatting changes can make a big difference.

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Fewer words for the wise

Less is usually more. We’ve said that many times here, but it’s a principle that can be hard to stick to, especially when you’re busy trying to decode confusing and complicated information for your clients on a daily basis.

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