Online course for community workers

News flash

The Winter 2020 edition of our online course is now concluded. For those who missed out, we aim to offer a new session of our online course for community workers and volunteers at non-profits in Ontario in Fall 2020.

During the pandemic, we have shifted our focus to hosting legal information webinars for community workers on COVID-19 topics. The webinars feature legal clinic lawyers and other experts.

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Do your clients ask you for help with legal questions in Ontario? Do they ask where they can get information about their rights at work or problems with their landlord? If so, then this 8-week online course offered by CLEO will give you skills and confidence to help you help your clients. We hope to offer our next edition of the course in Fall 2020.

Here is some feedback we received from the Autumn 2019 edition of the course:

  • 100% of learners said they felt more confident helping people with legal problems
  • 100% of learners would recommend it to colleagues
  • 100% of learners gave the course a 4 or 5-star rating

As a course participant, you will watch a series of short, engaging video clips that explore the role of front-line staff and community workers in helping people with legal problems and offer tools for providing reliable legal information and legal referrals. You will complete short assignments and receive feedback from an instructor.

Upon completion, CLEO will send you a certificate as a Legal Information and Referral Specialist.

In addition to our online course, CLEO also offers in person and webinar training on how to find good legal information. View one of our sample webinars for library staff.