Lesson plans for adult learners

CLEO’s free resources for ESL, LINC, and adult literacy instructors and learners incorporate legal information or legal life skills information with practical activities and case studies designed for use in adult classroom settings. As an adult instructor, you can:

  • Ask your learners to complete the activities as designed
  • Use the case studies, stories, and questions as a jumping board to open discussions and help build confidence and active listening and responding skills
  • Create your own quizzes and puzzles based on the materials

ESL lesson plans

Many newcomers may be more likely to be taken advantage of by employers or landlords because they don’t know about their rights in Ontario. CLEO’s English as a Second Language (ESL) lesson plans contains content designed to help teach newcomers about their legal rights and responsibilities. You can use each kit on a stand-alone basis, or select the activities and case studies you feel will be relevant to your learners.

The lesson plans:

  • correspond with themes and topics in the Adult ESL and Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) curriculum guidelines
  • contain up-to-date legal information on housing rights and workers’ rights in Ontario.

Rights Bites legal information podcasts

Rights Bites, CLEO’s audio podcast series for newcomers, draws attention to some common legal problems that affect newcomer tenants and workers in Ontario, and gives information about legal rights. As a LINC or ESL instructor, you can share the audio content with learners directly, or use the companion lesson plans that go with each episode to help guide learners through the podcasts.

Each episode combines interviews with lawyers, community workers, and immigrants who have experience with either an employment law or housing law problem.

Legal life skills curriculum

Adult learners in job readiness training or other community-based literacy training programs are often more at risk of experiencing civil legal problems because they are on low incomes, and face other barriers.

CLEO’s “legal life skills” curriculum contains activities that can help equip adult learners with the knowledge and skills they need to stop legal problems they may face in the workplace from growing more serious. The case studies and exercises can also be used by instructors as a jumping off point for current legal events.

You can use the curriculum in its entirety, or pick and choose the themes and exercises that will work best for your learners.