Tips for a successful application

Are you interested in applying for a Connecting Communities Training Partnerships grant? Please briefly address the following questions (maximum one page) when contacting us by email to inform a follow-up discussion. Point form is fine!

  1. Explain how your proposed project meets the criteria of working with communities that do not speak English or French, or are rural or remote.
  2. What research or experience makes you believe community workers need this training? Who will benefit if community workers get training?
  3. What kind and how many workers will you train?
  4. Note: You can’t use this funding to train the “public”. Show how people will pass on the information to others.

  5. What legal topics will you cover? What experience does your legal partner have with those topics?
  6. Note: Community legal clinics can't apply for funding under this scheme. However, they can and often do participate in Connecting Communities Training Partnerships projects as legal partners.

  7. What kind of training? For example, in person or remote, duration or kind of training sessions.
  8. What role will your community partner(s) play?
  9. How is this project different from the work your organization usually does?