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Adult education tips

Some best practices for helping adults acquire new skills and knowledge:

  1. Adults must want to learn.
  2. Adults will learn what they feel they need to learn.
  3. Adults are practical in their approach to learning; they want to know, “How is this going to help me now?”
  4. Adults learn by doing.
  5. Adult learning focuses on realistic problems.
  6. Base adult learning in the real life experience of the learners.
  7. Offer adult education based on guidance and offering a range of choices
Download our tipsheet “Tips for training adults
Download our tipsheet “Giving legal information

Evaluation forms

CLEO’s Connecting Communications Training Partnerships team has designed three evaluation forms to help you:

  • Get information from the people you train at the end of the training
  • Check in on what has changed for participants one month after the training
  • Help projects reflect on the successes and challenges during the training
Download our sample form “Sample evaluation form - participants at end of training
Download our sample form Sample Evaluation - one Month follow up 
Download our sample form “Sample evaluation form - project partners and staff

The Law Foundation of Ontario also has reporting guidelines for interim and final reports and a Quantitative Statistics Report that funded Connecting Communities Training Partnerships must use.