Join the CLEO Connect Learning Exchange

CLEO Connect hosts a learning exchange for community workers interested in developing or delivering legal information. We meet by teleconference three or four times a year for one-hour long "lunch and learn" sessions.

What is a "community of practice"?

A community of practice is another name for a learning exchange. Communities of practice bring people who do similar work together regularly to share strategies and challenges, and to learn from case studies or real-life examples.

The goal of our learning exchange: to help ourselves and other community workers share tips, resources, and lessons learned through community-based legal information work and research.

How do I get involved?

We announce the dates of community of practice calls in CLEO Connect’s updates and social media. We ask you to register for each call through Eventbrite about one month before the date. Make sure you are subscribed for CLEO Connect updates so you don’t miss these calls or other events that might interest you.

Can you suggest a topic or question that has arisen in your work to cover in future calls? Or do you have a case study or a resource or project you'd like to share? Get in touch!

Is there an agenda for the Community of Practice?

Each call lasts about an hour long. Our standing agenda for the calls:

  1. Intro round: Tell us your name, location, organization, and why you joined the call.
  2. Intro to the topic: A case study, story, or summary of an issue or a resource.
  3. Your turn: Discuss and share your experience.
  4. Brainstorming: Ideas, thoughts, and responses on the day’s topic or on other ways to help clients with legal problems.
  5. Looking ahead: Ideas for future calls.